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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Barbershop Scenes - Milio's Hair Salon

Stopped through Milio’s on Belmont to get my dreads tightened by Jeffery, aka PoofyHair, who is something of a living legend among Chicago hairdressers. He handed me an incredible book on the history of dreads to read while pulling my scalp tight with quick efficient fingers. Learned a new word courtesy of Alice Walker’s essay on the virtues of the locks lifestyle… The Hindu/Sanskrit term “Jatta,” which means Dreadlock, according to the Upanishads, and refers to a spiritual commitment made by an ascetic mendicant to adhere to a certain disciplined code of conduct as a consequence of venturing onto the path of emulating Lord Shiva’s divinely disordered ‘do… Quite a read…always good to know whose footsteps you’re following in… For anyone looking for a crazy beautiful new look from the hippest salon in town, you should hit up Milio’s. They’re right next to the Belmont Red Line stop, and their handiwork is to found on the most beautiful freaks and style setters you can find in the Chi…

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