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...this is not about me, this is about my city - a living document of Chicago's art's scene, a memoir of concerts I've been to & performances I've seen, a jaded scribe's small sampling of the many offerings of this vibrant cosmopolitan city that I'm lucky enough to call home. I work the city as the city works me, all of us connected in varying degrees, here i pay tribute to our evolving soundtrack, I plug praiseworthy endeavors & try to give a little back... Together with my peers we paint this crossroads with every shade we can find, in your mediums & mine, i run with deep house deviants & wrinkled blues cats, youngun' b-boy crews & quirky circus brats, snobby eclectic DJs & electric painters laboring on projected displays, film makers armed with mini-DVs & picky chefs sculpting tricky masterpieces out of vegan grease... i kick it with slam poets & theater geeks, powerbook producers & fashionista freaks, photoshop fellowships & choreographer hips, while jazz cats blow digital epics through pursed bebop lips... i'm at the nexus of the next wave of Chicago sound - this is where i share the stories of all the beauty I've found...

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Binary Mine Deliveries...

Swung by the Binary Mine to drop off a fistful of files -
Rung the doorbell and got a look @ some upcoming styles:
curator Kim A. lining up the talent & clients
the aesthetic engineer schooled in applied science
the business & art coalescing
big pants '96 parties meet ambient rooftop sessions
digital layers of organic fruit essence
a hot Wicker Park art gallery of intersecting impressions
old school jams & funk in the speakers
circuitry boards run by Adobe AfterEffects tweakers
holding down the spot & plotting out the rise
a summer full of plateaus & perpetual highs
my friends with the SICK loft, the classy venue of choice:
the masses prostrate to her DV rig & jazz diva voice
sometimes a single friend makes it all so clear
why it is i'm an artist
why it is i'm here
within the mirror folds among my many muses
between the DJ crews & deep dancer bruises
when you run with the creators you create your own
constantly projecting polyrhthms
seeking complementary tones...

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