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...this is not about me, this is about my city - a living document of Chicago's art's scene, a memoir of concerts I've been to & performances I've seen, a jaded scribe's small sampling of the many offerings of this vibrant cosmopolitan city that I'm lucky enough to call home. I work the city as the city works me, all of us connected in varying degrees, here i pay tribute to our evolving soundtrack, I plug praiseworthy endeavors & try to give a little back... Together with my peers we paint this crossroads with every shade we can find, in your mediums & mine, i run with deep house deviants & wrinkled blues cats, youngun' b-boy crews & quirky circus brats, snobby eclectic DJs & electric painters laboring on projected displays, film makers armed with mini-DVs & picky chefs sculpting tricky masterpieces out of vegan grease... i kick it with slam poets & theater geeks, powerbook producers & fashionista freaks, photoshop fellowships & choreographer hips, while jazz cats blow digital epics through pursed bebop lips... i'm at the nexus of the next wave of Chicago sound - this is where i share the stories of all the beauty I've found...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bombay Beatbox @ Sonotheque

I spun a decent opening set for this month's installment of Bombay Beatbox. It was a lot quieter than last month, but luckily my friend Mercedes brought a whole crew of her friends over from the Moksha Yoga Center, so the party got bumping around 11 pm... Met a handful of cool desis courtesy of my friend Nikhil (, who never fails to turn up with some intelligent characters, and also got to kick it with my long lost friend the Doubtful Guest, an I.D.M. producer who moved to London a few years ago and is in town for a few weeks to cause trouble... I had a great evening, overall - Radiohiro spun a set heavily laced with jungle and I got to dance with Mercedes and her friends a bunch, who are a totally riotous batch of hipsters & yogis.. Adheesh Sathaye and Baseshot Scenario added in some nice flavors to the mix, throwing down on Tablas & a powerbook, respectively, and I distributed 60 copies of my first Drum n' Bass DJ mix, a collection of up-tempo Desi jungle featuring Badmarsh & Shri, Karsh Kale, the Midival PunditZ and more... There's something profoundly powerful about spinning music that's that fast - things can go horribly wrong if you're just a second out of sync, but when the mix links up right, and beats match perfectly, you get a sense of being at the crest of a perpetually peaking breakdown. It was a good evening, overall... met some folks who will probably become regulars, which is always a good thing for the burgeoning Asian Massive Chicago scene...

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